3 day weekend!

we spent quite some time with friends this weekend. friday night we headed to noblesville for a cookout and slumber party with jason, kate, mason, baby jacob, and of course daisy dog…who slept curled up beside me all night. we played this really fun game on the ipad called “heads up.”

here i am loving on jacob…what a happy, adorable baby!


at one point in the evening the boys went outside for guy talk, leaving kate and i inside to gossip. i decided to multitask and cut some fabric while we chatted. little did i know that mason would be so intrigued, lol. he is a doll


saturday, we all went for lunch at chuy’s, a new mexican restaurant in town. we ate there last summer when we visited louisville, and were super excited that we now have one too! those hazel eyes though! #swoon


saturday night, we went to kelly and katie’s to watch the pacers and ufc. they had some other friends over too, so that was fun.

on sunday, we headed to fountain square for griffin’s first birthday party. it was a blast. all these cute little kiddos in our lives! if you so choose, you can read more about the quilt making process here.


and today we have done absolutely nothing but been lazy bums! oh, and some laundry. i wanted to head to reggae last night with my best friend, but i was just entirely too exhausted. i’m really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but i only have 6 more days with my class, i can’t believe it!

these next few weekends are going to start getting pretty busy for us…so stay tuned

c & b


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