cheers to the weekend!

i have to say, this was one of the BEST weekends i have had in a LONG time!

which is really good, because it didn’t get off to such a great start. on friday, after work, i was feeling very nauseous and achy. we were supposed to get together with some friends, including a couple we hadn’t seen in almost a year, to watch the pacer game. i wore a pacer’s shirt and some pajama pants, because that’s how crappy i was feeling. they only live about 5 minutes down the street, and i was almost ready to just drop brian off and turn in for the evening, but i’m so glad i decided to stay!

i guess it was the fireball whiskey shots that soothed my pains, lol, because after that i felt much better and wasn’t even in a horrible mood that my basketball team lost.

while the guys hung out in the man cave downstairs, i showed the girls my new favorite game, “heads up,” which is a free app for the ipad. we had a lot of fun with that! then kinsey had the brilliant idea that we should re-inact a video or commercial. that’s how the theme song to golden girls came up…and eventually we all settled/agreed on a still photo instead.

this literally took 5 minutes for us to all put on some old golf shirts, tease our hair, and get one of the boys to take the picture for us.

now usually i am horribly vain, yes i’ll admit it, and only want to put up flattering selfies lol…but this was just too fun to make, and too funny not to share. i look like a HOT mess…but i had a blast, so that’s all that really matters in the end.


after that, kinsey (apparently the ringleader of the bunch) convinced us to put on katie’s old bridesmaids dresses, and baseball hats, and walk to the local bar. don’t judge me! i was three sheets to the wind by this point, lol. ok, i wasn’t that bad, but i was very easily convinced to join in. here’s me and katie at the pub


saturday, brian and i had a couple of errands to run. and after much research, we decided to get ourselves an early anniversary gift. i have been wanting a new digital camera for a long time now, for blogging, and also just for general purposes. my sister graduates this weekend, our good friends are having a baby soon, and we are taking a trip to dc in september…so we figured it was time to invest in a quality camera. here’s brian being silly while reading the owner’s manual and registering our product online, lol. i love this man!


we also watched a hilarious stand up by steve byrne, called, “the champion.” if you have netflix, i strongly suggest you watch it. then, we went to bdub’s for dinner.

on sunday, i gave myself a manicure and a pedicure, and we went to chili’s for a late lunch. then we went to see, “maleficent,” in imax 3d. it’s not at all what i expected, and usually i don’t really care for anglina jolie, but i LOVED it! i love most disney movies by the way.



when we got home we sat outside on the patio for a bit, enjoying the cool evening breeze


you all know i am an old woman who falls asleep at the drop of a dime. however, this weekend i stayed up super late both evenings. i think i had such a good time, because i was able to balance time with friends, getting errands/chores done, relaxing, spending quality time with the babe, and spending some alone time doing crafts and reading.

this is my last week of school and i can’t wait for a short break before starting back at the hospital. here’s to an awesome summer!

c & b


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