random stuff

school’s out for summer! here is a pic of my bestie at work, paige. we started on the same exact day, and have been through it all together. paige accepted the position of preschool director, at the new vision academy, and will hopefully be bringing me along with her ASAP!


to celebrate, we headed to the studio movie grill with brian, and one of our other friends, and watched, “the fault in our stars,” which was ALMOST as good as the book. he has two new books out too, so those are on my list to read!


and it seems like every summer, when i am more relaxed, and have more time to focus…i try to get my weight under control 😥 last summer, i did the paleo diet for 30 days. you can read about my journey, here.

this time, i am simply going to try counting calories. when i was on the rowing team at iu, and i had an appointment with a nutritionist, she said all you have to do is count calories. it sucks, but it works. i got the myfitnesspal app, and it has been awesome. you can even scan the label of what you eat and it will put all the info in for you! although my main concern is calories, the app also keeps track of your fats, sugars, sodium, etc. and will warn you if you need to watch your levels. i’ve also switched to coke zero, versus coke, so i’m sure that will help. although in the last few weeks, i have probably only had one or two pops, and have been drinking a ton of water, so that’s felt great!

these fresh mixed berries were delish…


but sometimes it feels like i am a rabbit 😦 lol


in other news, i had to take my classroom’s fish home for the summer. wilbur didn’t like having a new little brother at all, until i bought him a new house. it’s the bikini bottom pineapple from sponge bob lol. he loved his little pagoda before. he never comes out of it! so i thought he would enjoy having more doors and windows to explore. my students named the class fish antonio…or mr. tone tone LOL!


and last, but certainly not least, my baby sister graduated from zionsville this weekend, and will be heading to purdue this fall. you can read all about it here.




tata for now

c & b


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