back to the grindstone

school’s out for summer, and i decided to take a week off before heading back to my hospital job. i had such a fun and productive week! you can read about all the crafting i got done here.

on wednesday, with some work people, we went to an indian’s game. we won at the bottom of the 8th. it was super fun, and almost got rained out, so i’m glad we were able to make it!



on thursday, i got to have a play date with ashlee. we worked on pottery, which i still haven’t finished yet! urgh! and went to dinner. you all know i am counting calories, but i had a super light breakfast and lunch, and saved up so i could have my favorite…salt and pepper shrimp. to die for!


also, tori stopped by for a bit, so that’s always a good time!


friday, we had a retirement party for mr. gilbert at work. i made my mom’s famous salsa, which is actually more like pico de gallo. a lot of people said it was too hot, but the bowl was completely empty when it was time to go home…so i guess they liked it afterall. i told my mom, and she said, “if you can’t stand the heat,” well you know the rest.


friday night, brian and i went to dinner before he left for the weekend.

this was me having way too much fun, lol


saturday, i cleaned the house, did laundry, went to the pool and read/laid out, mowed the grass, and cleaned my car inside and out.


i also went to bath and body works for the semi annual super sale. i only went to get wallflower refills, since i seem to go through them like crazy, but of course i ended up getting a bunch of other stuff. such as this beauty


and that brings us today when i pretty much slept in, did some crafting, a whole lot of blogging! and made dinner for father’s day. roast, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cake…all of my dad’s favorites. this is what i made for him and his horses


in other calorie counting news…i don’t remember what day it was this past week, but we had p.f. chang inspired beef lettuce wraps. they are so delish! i had them when i was doing paleo, and haven’t had them since. if you want the recipe i will seriously give it to you, because they are so easy and tasty


my friend paige also gave me some protein powder that is different than the kind i already have…because it is specifically for meal replacement/weight loss


alright, well it is midnight, and i have to get up earlier than i’m used to for work tomorrow. thanks for stopping by!



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