what baby?

have you ever seen “two weeks notice,” with sandra bullock and hugh grant? it’s one of my favorite rom coms ever. there’s a scene where the pair are interviewing a larger sized lady, and hugh grant mistakenly thinks she’s pregnant, and tells her congratulations on the baby. she gets pretty upset, for obvious reasons, and confronts him with, “what baby?”

one of the main reasons i wanted to get in shape, is because this started happening to me all the time! people would ask if i’m expecting. yes, i’m expecting you to get the heck out of my face thank you very much! clearly, i’m not pregnant, and although one day having a baby will bring me great joy…having a pooch so large people actually think i’m growing a small child inside of me is not a great boost for my self esteem if you know what i’m sayin!

in my previous posts, i’ve been expressing my frustration with hitting a plateau even after maintaining a miniscule 1200 calories a day, and now adding regular workouts on top of that…but i’m pleased to say that when i weighed myself at work this morning, i had lost another 2.5 pounds! that’s a little over 7 pounds total, in about 6 weeks. as you can tell, that made me feel just a little bit better, lol and like i’ve said in the past, it’s not just about the number on the scale, but instead about how i feel about myself, how my clothes fit, and my overall health.

this weekend i needed to wear a dress for some specific errands we had to run. the one i originally wanted to wear, but i got make up on 😦 fit very loosely…which makes me think i went down a size! this is the one i ended up wearing instead


i want to point out, that the top left picture is from my brother’s graduation about 2 years ago. look how chubby my arms and face are. the bottom left picture is from our good friends’ wedding last fall. i read a passage during the ceremony, but refused to be tagged in the picture on facebook because of my stomach. looking at it now, i am faced with the harsh reality that yes, it does in fact look like i am with child. and finally, the picture on the right is from this weekend. i still have some work to do, but i am getting there, and it feels great!

i wanted to make this post interesting by telling you some amazing household item that weighs 7 pounds, so you could relate to it…but unfortunately i could not find anything. however, what i was able to find, that i for some reason didn’t think of on my own, is that the average newborn baby weighs about 7 pounds lol. isn’t that gross? i’ve pretty much lost the size of a whole human baby! which is funny and ironic, because isn’t that the look i was going for in the first place? 😉 lol

so, next time someone makes reference to me being pregnant, i’m going to yell, “what baby?!” lol. no seriously, hopefully there won’t be a next time, because i’m bringing sexy back 😉 lol

#cowabunga dude!




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