just girls weekend…

i go back to my “real job” on monday…i can’t believe my summer is already over! although with this weather lately, it hasn’t really felt much like summer anyway! i decided to treat myself with one last day off.

knowing that i didn’t have anywhere to be friday morning, left my thursday night wide open as well. my best friend jenny and i took her son grayson for a walk on the monon trail. what a great exercise! it was a nice change of scenery too. after that, her parents treated us to dinner at the monon food company. luckily we had burned a lot of calories on our walk, because i indulged in the spicy steak and bacon mac and cheese. delish!

friday, i met my other good friend angela, at the pool in our neighborhood. it was the perfect day, because it was kind of overcast, so we stayed there quite awhile talking and tanning.


friday night, i met yet another close friend of mine, ashlee, for vietnamese pho. yum yum! and even though we have lived 25 miles apart for years now, she finally made it out to my house for the first time ever! she came bearing gifts of fresh fruits and veggies from her garden, and we traded lessons in crafting. we could’ve had a sleepover, but she had to get back to her kiddos. after she left, a bit before midnight, i stayed up another 3 hours or so crafting, lol. yeah, i’m THAT girl haha

i can’t believe it, but saturday i actually set an alarm to wake up early and run. i just finished week 2 of couch to 5k. groupon is tempting me with different 5k’s too! there is the color run, and there is one at night that’s glow in the dark, and there are beer/wine runs…maybe i could start to like this after all? lol


really i was just preparing and trying to burn some calories before the feast i had at my friend kara’s bridal shower. aren’t these decorations adorable? i even got to see our friend elecia, who is the matron of honor and flew in all the way from new mexico for the occasion.


after that, my sister and i went to see, “sex tape,” and ate dinner at studio movie grill. trying to sneak in as much time with her as i can before she’s off to school next month.

it was a solid few days with all of my favorite ladies!



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