it’s our anniversary! (tomorrow)

july 28th is me and brian’s anniversary. it seems like it has been longer than that! i was looking back at old pictures today…here is the first picture we ever took together:

usfirsthere we are on our first anniversary:

ussecondour second year anniversary

IMG_1508and one from this weekend/our third anniversary!

wpid-img_20140727_201450.jpgthis year brian promised to finally go paint pottery with me (on friday after work)…this should be interesting! then we are going to dinner at the place we first met…bdub’s! i know, classy right? lol. on saturday we are going to do something else too, but we haven’t decided what yet.

we are saving for our trip to dc in september, and we also just bought our new camera not too long ago. therefore, the only thing he asked for, present wise, was zucchini bread and cherry cheesecake. my good friend ashlee has a garden and provided us with the delicious squash. the cheesecake is chilling in the fridge and doesn’t have its toppings on yet, so i didn’t think it was photo worthy, lol


in other news, i returned to school this week, even though there are still three more weeks until my children come back. last week we had training with all of the other teachers from the other centers. i got a lot of great ideas, and can’t wait to try them out in my classroom this year! unfortunately i did not win the asian teacher puppet, but my friend was nice enough to let me take a picture with her, lol

wpid-img_20140722_165247.jpgi’m also continuing to count calories and work toward my goal to run a 5k. i had a very proud moment when i was able to fit into a size 8 lulu lemon work out tank!


slow and steady, but getting there!

saturday we went to dinner at the ram for our friend katie’s birthday. i had never been there before. it was pretty good. we also tried out our second new church, and liked it much better than the first. stay tuned, because i’m definitely going to post a picture of whatever brian creates at the pottery place! 🙂

c & b


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