Making :  lots of progress with my reading goal!
Cooking :  lots of things with fresh veggies from ashlee’s garden. up next, zucchini brownies!
Drinking :  lots of water. shocked right?!
Reading:  just finished “everything i never told you,” book 23 on my quest to finish 30 before 30. don’t know what to read next. suggestions??
Wanting:  to live closer to my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents
Looking:  for new chicken recipes!
Playing:  the music video for “all about that bass.” LOVE that song!
Wasting:  plastic water bottles 😦
Sewing:  anything and everything!
Wishing:  for a bigger house, with a bigger/better craft room, and more storage room, especially in the kitchen!
Enjoying:  orange is the new black
Waiting:  for labor day, when our week vacation to washing dc will begin!
Liking:  my new classroom and how great it looks! (will post pics in a later post)
Wondering:  how my baby sister is going to do at purdue
Loving:  losing weight and feeling great about myself!
Hoping:  i can keep up with the couch to 5k app
Marveling:  at how time flies
Needing:  to save more money for future goals
Smelling:  eucalyptus mint. yum!
Wearing:  a new dress. and a size smaller at that!
Following:  a million people on instagram
Noticing:  more and more gray hairs. ugh!
Knowing:  he loves me!
Thinking:  i need a mani/pedi
Bookmarking:  new blogs to read
Opening:  lots of emails. trying to keep my inbox uncluttered
Giggling:  at brian’s doing the als ice bucket challenge
Feeling:  anxious about my first day with new students tomorrow

this weekend we took my baby sis out to eat for a belated birthday dinner. we made a quick stop at gardenridge to look for a few things, and my mom goes, “let’s take a selfie.” LOL

wpid-wp-1408326424519.jpegthen today we dropped her off at college 😥 here’s my mom testing out tori’s new bed in her dorm. she said it was actually pretty comfy lol

wpid-wp-1408326416731.jpegapparently tori’s RA loves pokemon, because these are the signs she made for the girls’ doors, lol

wpid-wp-1408326410147.jpegi’ve been feeling pretty good about myself lately. at the school where i teach, they make us have a photo shoot every so often. the last two or three i did were hideous, and i was determined to make this one cute for once. the theme was “back to school, nerd/geek/dork/etc.” here’s me on the way to work with curly pigtails and glasses. my smurf shirt says, “geek is the new chic,” lol. once they “release” the ones we took, i will for sure share them here. they were pretty fun to take!

wpid-wp-1408326438579.jpegparent orientation was the same day, and although many of my fellow teachers told me that my hair was cute, and to keep it that way, i decided to change into a more professional look, lol

wpid-wp-1408326455167.jpegone of the dads asked if i was going to be teaching the kids spanish…ugh! i’m asian people!!

and finally…the other day at target i found a really cute dress at a really great clearance price. the only problem…it was a size smaller than i usually wear. today, i went to a baby shower and decided to try it on…

wpid-wp-1408326397065.jpegblack is slimming, but i am 12 pounds down now, and still going strong! i had lunch with a friend the other day that i hadn’t seen in a while and she said that even my neck looks smaller. what?! lol. at least it’s a compliment i guess. and tori’s best friend said my arms look smaller too. love it when other people notice my progress. makes me feel awesome!



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