ice, ice, baby

well, i was hoping i would luck out and not get nominated for the als ice bucket challenge, but unfortunately i did lol. it’s not that i don’t want to help raise both awareness and donations for the association, i just didn’t want to get drenched with ice cold water…and i knew brian would have way too much fun at my expense!

in other news…

this was the first week of having students again, and it was tough! and i got sick after only 3 days with them! on friday night i decided that i needed to have fun! not worry about counting calories, not stressing about work, just kicking back and relaxing. brian and i made pizza and played donkey kong and it was the best!

wpid-wp-1408908067687.jpeg wpid-wp-1408938914113.pnggotta admire that concentration haha

 on saturday i ran. then i worked on a quilt. then we went to a few stores so i could try to find a dress for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. no luck. we ate at olive garden and came back home. that was about it lol.

oh! kohl’s was one of the stores we went to. i found a scale on sale for $20, and had a $10 off coupon, so it ended up only being $10. i thought that was a great price for being a nice, glass, digital scale. i’ve never owned one before, so hopefully i don’t get obsessed, especially with all this weight loss i’m trying to do. which leads me to some good news…i have now lost 14.5 pounds!!

wpid-wp-1408908089232.jpegcan i please use this picture again because i’m just so thrilled that i am now on the third tier?! still have some work to do!

fattoday i did some more crafting, made a roast in the crockpot for tomorrow night’s dinner, ran again (tried different intervals today and liked it way better! and even got a bit of a tan while i was at it, lol), did laundry, babysat, and went grocery shopping. (well brian did those last three things with me)

 and completed the als ice bucket challenge (strategically done after my run in 88 degree weather, lol)

now i’m beyond tired and am headed to bed. only 5 work days until i am off for 9 whole days!! i think i can, i think i can!

c & b


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