SSDD (same stuff, different day)

sorry i’ve been mia, but i haven’t really had much new to report…

as of late, we are pet sitting my parents’ dog, sydney. really she is the family dog, because i grew up with her, and even suggested her name (insert kuddos here), but now that all of us kids are out of the house, it’s just my parents and sydney. she is an amazing hunting dog; she won several awards in the class she took. the instructor even wanted to buy her, but we weren’t going to let that happen. more importantly, she is just a sweetheart. my  mom sent me this picture when she was on the way to our house, lol


she has a lot of energy and needs a ton of love. she is really shy and doesn’t like to look at the camera when you try to take pictures of her; however, i forced her into some selfies after she and i went on a morning run lol


it has been very hard getting my sewing done with her around, because she literally likes to sit right on top of whatever i am trying to do. needless to say it has been the sydney show for the last couple of days!

as always, i’ve been trying to maintain my weight loss, and lose even more. here are some progress pics i posted a while ago


on instagram i shared that this shirt was snug when i graduated from iu in 2007, so i never really wore it. i’m proud to say it fits perfectly fine now, and i even have some wiggle room! i also fit into some EXTRA small tshirts i wore back when i was on the rowing team at iu. that was an awesome moment.

homecoming was actually this weekend, but obviously we didn’t go…which was just as well, because we got our butts kicked by the spartans! boo!


this weekend i posted this picture on instagram


here is that caption i put under it:

the picture on the left is from summer 2012. besides the fact that bangs look God awful on me, take a look at my face, neck, and arms. the picture on the right is from today; same dress, fall 2014. i feel like so much has changed for the better #onestepclosertomygoal #weightlossjourney #oldnewclothes

between instagram and facebook i’ve gotten over 120 likes, and several comments. you all really know how to make a girl feel good about herself! i honestly couldn’t keep up with this without the love, support, and encouragement of my friends and family, it has been such a rewarding experience.


here is the next challenge i am setting for myself. i have also recruited brian to participate, but we shall see if he actually sticks wit it


speaking of the handsome devil, we had a nice relaxing weekend together. we were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch, but it started raining pretty bad, so we decided to wait. we went to lunch instead, as i felt guilty leaving sydney at home alone for too long


that’s my future husband y’all! isn’t he the cutest?!

and i hate to end on a sad note, but today is the day i lost my father, 7 years ago. i wish smart phones were around back then, because we don’t have many pictures together, and i really regret that now. i miss him every day. sending love and hugs up to heaven




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