thirty and thriving

when you’re a kid you can’t wait to grow up

well guess what folks, i think i can officially say i’m all the way grown

this weekend i turned the big 3-0. i thought i was going to have a hard time accepting this milestone, but surprisingly i am handling it pretty well

if you would’ve asked me way back then, i would’ve told you i wanted to be engaged by 24, have a year to plan the perfect wedding, and be married by 25. my husband and i would enjoy a year to ourselves traveling and being head over heels in love. i would have my first child, nicholas, at age 26, and my second child, gabriella, at 28. i would be a young, cool mom (not a boring soccer mom of course!) and i would live happily ever. then real life happened.

i spent 7 years in the wrong relationship. it wasn’t a bad relationship, i just always knew he was never “the one” and probably should’ve ended it way sooner than i did. ps: he now lives a quarter mile down the road from me with his girlfriend and daughter. yikes.

after that, i spent close to 3 years in another dead end relationship.

i didn’t even meet my soon to be husband until i was almost 27. kind of puts a damper on that fairy tale i had planned huh? lol

here are the revisions that have since been made…i just got engaged a few months ago. we will be saving for the next 2 years and have compromised on a reasonable wedding. depending on my age and how getting pregnant/being pregnant goes for me, we may have one child or possibly none at all.

i go to work. i pay my bills. in my free time i read, blog, run, and sew. if i’m feeling froggy i might have a bowl of ice cream or a glass of wine after dinner.

i don’t party like a rock star or drink myself stupid on the weekends. i don’t drive a luxury car, over spend on clothes or get botox injections, lol.

i no longer compare myself to my neighbors, my coworkers, or women in magazines. i’m just humble little old me, and it feels greater than expected. i am discovering new things about myself every day, and pushing myself to be the best i can be.

my family is nearby. they are all healthy and happy. i have an amazing fiance and a handful of very supportive friends. in short, life is good! my heart is so full, and i am so thankful for all that i have been blessed with.

i am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. everyone always says if they could go back they would do certain things differently. and i used to be like that too. but i now know that i had to go through all of those tests and trials to be where i am, and who i am, today. so, from here on out, i strive to accept things as they are, have faith that they will work out as they should, and enjoy the little things.

have you ever heard that song by tim mcgraw called “my next 30 years?” if not, go give it a listen. i think that should be my new mantra.

as always, i want to thank you for taking the time to read what i have to say. i’m not a writer by any means, just an ordinary girl. i look forward to what the future holds for me…even if that just so happens to be a boring soccer mom 😉

#watchout30 #thisis30 #lifeisgood



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