so long 2014, it’s been real! 2015, leggo!

wow, i can’t believe i haven’t written since november! shame on me! and now it’s already time to do my year in review and set (attainable) goals for 2015. i blogged a little bit more this year than i have in the past, but i’d still like to do more in the year to come. i write a lot on my craft blog, but i need to take time for my personal blog and show it some love, too!

i’ve seen a lot of people doing these collage/mosiac deals, so i thought i would try that this time, instead of a stringing the pictures throughout the post

mosiaci tried to put them in order from top left to bottom right, so bear with me as i give the run down on my highlights from 2014

in january, for the first time ever, i colored my hair. i wanted an ombre’ effect. i wasn’t as happy with it as i thought i was going to be, and am still trying to grow it all out and chop the rest of it off. i probably won’t ever be doing anything like that again

skip forward to may…i got to attend a rascal flatts concert. i love country music!

in june we went to an indianapolis indians baseball game with some people from work. wish it could’ve been a cinncinnati reds game instead, but we still had a good time.

also in june, my baby sister graduated from high school and left my parents as empty nesters! she is doing well at purdue (the house divided!) and is studying physical therapy.

in july, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary

in september, we took our first big road trip together, to maryland, for my younger cousin’s wedding. i also got the surprise of my life, when brian proposed to me at the botanical gardens in dc. we still don’t have a date set, but will begin serious planning here soon, and still couldn’t be happier!

in november, i turned the dreaded 3-0. had a pretty low key celebration, and am still trying to handle it as gracefully as possible, lol. i also completed my ultimate 30 before 30 reading list.

in december, we celebrated my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. my grandfather put together an 80 minute video telling the story of how they first met in vietnam, all the way until today. it was really great to see, and to get to spend time with all of my family. it was the first time we have ALL been together in awhile. only brian was missing, as he was out of vacation days for the year 😦

and for the second half of the year i started really counting calories and even starting running. i was able to lose 16 pounds, and have kept it all off as well!

in 2015 i hope to

1. really get serious about saving for and planning this wedding (with the help of brian of course)

2. lose another 14 pounds, and keep it off. continue to eat healthy/healthier, and continue to work out/work out more

3. spend more time praying, reading devotionals, and attending church

4. stress less, realize how blessed i am, and learn to let things go

5. only spend time and energy on people/things that are positive additions to my life

6. be better about communicating with family and friends…i say this every year, but the older i get, the more secluded i become

7. stop buying unnecessary things, and stop hoarding

that’s all i can think of for now…i don’t think those are too unrealistic, do you?

as 2014 draws to an end, and we are given a fresh start with 2015, i just want to leave negativity and bygones in the past, and wish for nothing but the best for the future!

from the (future) hooks!

c & bhim


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