my one little word

i’m trying something new this year…as a way to sort of help me not only get back to my journaling/paper crafting roots, but also to really focus on my mental health…i decided to take the plunge, and partake in ali edwards’ “one little word” class

after much deliberation, the one little word i have chosen for 2015 is “light”

you know me, i am a perfectionist and put way too much energy into every single little decision…so picking just one word to focus on for a whole 365 days was a challenge in itself

i made quite the list of words i was considering, but in the end, i kept coming back to the same one

the other day i diagnosed myself as a hypersensitive person. all too often i find myself dwelling on things that i should not even give a second thought to. i desperately need to learn to just let things go. all of this emotional baggage has begun to take its toll on me, and become oh so heavy…

light:  of little weight, easy to lift

this is how i want to feel. always. the power has been in my hands all along, but i constantly hand it over to these outside sources, letting them steal my happiness, joy, and energy. i had let worldly people and things make me a bitter person, who was seldom in a good mood, or capable of finding silver linings in everyday storms. not anymore.

as i started to do further research on this word, and dig a little deeper, the idea of light started to mean so much more

let your heart be light. let your light shine. be a source of illumination. be ignited. switch on. stimulate sight, and make things visible. an expression in someone’s eyes indicating a particular emotion or mood. enlightenment. spiritual illumination by divine truth. something that is brighter than its surroundings. produce a spark. a window or opening to let light in. gentle or delicate. not serious or solemn. free from worry or unhappiness. cheerful. not dark.

i would love nothing more than to reconnect with the easy going, carefree, bubbly me. i would also like to have a more positive and spiritual outlook on life.

i want to explore alternate meanings too, such as:   a guiding light. in a good light. in light of. light a fire. light at the end of the tunnel. lighten up. lighten your load. see it in a whole new light. shed light on.

i can also play around with:  sparkle, stars, sunshine, glitter, lighthouse

in short, i just want to find my inner glow, hold fast to it, and try to bring rays of sunshine with me wherever i go. i know that sounds so cliche, but i tend to remember the people who go out of their way to remain calm and always have a kind word to say. this is what i strive for. to leave others with the warm fuzzies, and to be a beacon of…well…light

❤ xtina



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