starting the new year off with a bang!

2015 is going to be great, i can just feel it!

i had such a relaxing, carefree week and weekend, it really set the mood for a year of new beginnings.

recently, i accepted a new position, and i cannot wait to get started. i am leaving my current job as a head start preschool teacher, and will be working at a private preschool, and also teaching swim lessons two nights a week. the new job is 8 minutes from my house (versus 45 minutes), the kids in my class are all the same age, 3, (versus having a mixed age class of 3, 4, and 5 year olds), i will only have 8 children in my class (versus 20), my work day will be from 8:30-2:30 (versus 7:30-4:30), i won’t have to pay union dues, and the majority of my benefits will be covered by my employer. i also already have quite a few close friends that work at the new place, so with all of those pros, i just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

when i first interviewed, i was told there weren’t currently any positions available. i loved the staff, the kids, the facility, and the program so much, that i told them i didn’t mind waiting until something opened up. well, i am so very blessed, because by the favor of God, they liked me so much, they actually CREATED a position for me! i start next week!

my good friend cheryl and i like to think of ourselves as foodies…well, as much as you can be while living in indiana i guess, lol. to celebrate this exciting news, she told me to pick a place for us to go eat. my brother sam, who is younger and much more “in the know” than i am, had just told me about a brunch place near fountain square called “milktooth.” i decided this would be the perfect place. great minds think alike, so cheryl and i both got the exact same things to eat and drink, lol. we had:

*uova al forno:  local egg baked in spicy tomato sauce, amelia’s semolina, and grilled merguez sausage

wpid-wp-1421105238497.jpeg*cinnamon sugar pistachio doughnuts, yogurt mousse, sweet potato preserves

wpid-wp-1421105251317.jpegand some kind of grapefruit vodka mimosa that isn’t listed on the online menu for me to copy and paste the description of. the food was delicious, and the people watching was entertaining as it always is with us two, lol

in other news, brian got a promotion at his job as well! it is a very happy and rewarding time at our house! to celebrate his “new job,” he wants to go to hooters (of course). he also said he will take me wherever i want to go to celebrate my new position, and i think i want to go to the ale emporium for their amazing hermanaki wings! yum!

last week i tested out three new recipes:  eggnog bread pudding (per my brother sam’s request), orzo with peas and parmesan, and “low calorie” banana bread. they were all very tasty. the only thing i changed, was i added one tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to the banana bread (which only added 20 more calories to the entire loaf), and also a pinch of cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla. as a lover of banana bread, i couldn’t taste a difference at all. it was still super moist. if i would’ve had applesauce i would’ve tried to use that in place of the margarine, but sadly i did not.

as you all know, i am determined to lose more weight this year, mostly in preparation for the wedding, but also just to be a healthier person all around. it isn’t easy counting calories and giving up things i love like pop, chips, candy, ice cream, etc. every friday at work, everyone gets lunch together. this past friday, the ladies bought red lobster. do you know how badly i wanted to get coconut shrimp and those famous cheddar biscuits?! but i didn’t. i stayed strong and ate my lean cuisine, 100 calorie pack of cheez its, and a tiny granny smith apple. and when i stepped on the scale sunday morning, i had lost 3 pounds for the week. yea the process sucks, but the progress is so worth it in the end! i was so happy, (and not just because of the declining number), but because of my dedication, hard work, and will power. when it starts to pay off, and you can see numerical evidence, it really reinforces your motivation and drive. at my new job, i will have daily access to an indoor pool and track, and can’t wait to start shedding some more pounds!

speaking of wedding, i think brian and i have decided that we are going to get married in vegas. and no, not at some cheesy elvis chapel, lol! the venues are surprisingly way more affordable, and way prettier than anything we can find here. it’s still in the early stages of planning, but we are pretty stoked about it!

my good friend ashlee and i decided that we are going to try to read a book together each month, and i also found this reading challenge that i’m going to attempt, but not put too much pressure on myself to try to complete…it looks pretty detailed and daunting. but, we have started our first book together, “the silent wife,” and this weekend at the library in the free section, i picked up a copy of “the ear, the eye, and the arm,” which i LOVED as a kid. “a book from your childhood,” is on the list, so that’s perfect!

indiana is currently under a winter weather/ice storm advisory. i have a huge crockpot of chili simmering, ready for our dinner when we get home.



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