it’s ok to be a glowstick…

glowsticki love social media, i really do. especially sites such as pinterest and instagram, where i get a lot of my crafting and cooking ideas. however, since pinning this quote just two days ago, it has been repinned almost 275 times, and “liked” almost 50 times! and did you know that i get both push and email notifications every time that happens?! needless to say, it’s been a little more than annoying, lol…but i still really like the quote.

when i first saw it, it reminded me of my one little word i picked for this year…light. and it also really speaks to where i am in my life right now. i was at a job where i was very unhappy, and every day just brought me into a deeper, darker place. i start my new job on tuesday, and couldn’t be more excited! i know that like all things in life, no job will be perfect, but i really feel that i am moving onward and upward, and can’t wait to start the journey.

i had yet another relaxing weekend, and i’ve got to say, a girl could get used to this! on friday night, as promised, brian took us to ale emporium to celebrate my new job. (i’m still waiting for him to cash in his celebration at hooter’s for his promotion, but i’m definitely not going to do any extra reminding, lol) when we got home, i changed into my new adorable and comfy pajama pants, and brian and i watched “boyhood,” while i cut loose threads on a quilt. he enjoyed the movie a lot, but i didn’t really think it had much of a point.

wpid-wp-1421618081079.jpega few years ago for valentine’s day, brian got a puzzle made from a picture of us, and we finally started working on that, while listening to i heart radio (blues travelers station). it’s times like these that remind me how lucky we really are, when our biggest worry in life is finding the last edge piece πŸ˜‰

saturday, i tried another new recipe, and it was a huge hit. probably horrible for us, but very tasty! sausage and cheese bread

i was pretty much a sewing machine on saturday, but i did manage to leave the house for a bit to return a redbox and do a little retail therapy. i put together these super cute succulents…one for me, and one for baby sis when she comes home to visit in a few weekends

wpid-wp-1421618066248.jpegtoday, cheryl had me over for brunch, where i got to see her new pressure cooker in action…and now i think i must have one too, lol. we had fried eggs over cheesy mushroom and bacon risotto. yes please! i brought fresh fruit and dip. she also made me a special cappuccino. she has a million fun kitchen gadgets. after that we watched “maze runner,” and more ID tv than i care to admit lol. i started to read maze runner once, but couldn’t really get into it. and even after watching the movie today i had to read an explanation of the plot because some parts weren’t all that clear to me. as usual, we had a very care free and fun time together, and even discussed opening a restaurant lol. keep in mind we also once decided to write a book of short stories based on our lives, and only wrote about two lol

wpid-wp-1421618057570.jpegnow brian and i are getting ready to watch the colts game, and ufc fights. should be an entertaining evening, to say the least.

tomorrow i get to catch up with my sorority sister, raquel, who i haven’t seen in FOREVER! and her two sons.

and while i’m on the subject of awesome friends, i must give a shout out to ashlee…i mentioned how i wanted a slouchie beanie, and she gave me this one…bonus, it’s my favorite color! FTW! thanks babe, i felt like a million dollars in it! πŸ™‚

wpid-wp-1421618090743.jpegi’ve really enjoyed these last few low key days…they have been a great way to regroup and get ready to ease into my new job next week!

stay tuned



One thought on “it’s ok to be a glowstick…

  1. The food looks delish and so glad you had a nice day, just a reminder that you suppose to have a date with your mommy tomorow since there’s no mentionof thatπŸ˜‹

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