i love gamma phi omega…

…it is the best sorority!

this weekend, our alumni chapter put together a pot luck dinner, and i’m so glad i attended! it was so fun to EAT and reconnect with sisters…as i’m guilty of being one of the long lost ones.

here is a picture of my lovely line sister, raquel and i

wpid-wp-1422235504267.jpegshe is gorgeous! it was just like old times, sharing secrets and laughing the night away. she and i have been through SO much together, and i’m so blessed to have her in my life

this is cat, the hostess with the mostest. i have so many sisters nearby, i really need to take advantage of being in the same city and hang out more often!

wpid-wp-1422235520543.jpegthis is my sister, chole. she is also a teacher, and has had an amazing weight loss journey lately, so we have been in touch a lot as i she inspires me and i ask for advice. i’m so sad that right as we’ve formed a closer connection her family will be moving to texas soon 😦

wpid-screenshot_2015-01-25-01-05-082.jpg.jpegand here we all are struggling to take a selfie together, lol. goofballs!

wpid-wp-1422235901873.jpegamazingly earlier in the evening we were able to capture this awesome panoramic photo of all the sisters who attended.

wpid-wp-1422235954315.jpegsuch gorgeous ladies, inside and out!

after dinner we were supposed to all go out dancing, but a few of us got distracted and ending up just staying at the house and playing cards against humanity

wpid-wp-1422235897328.jpeghopefully i will be spending more time with my sisters sooner, rather than later!

in other news last week, i went to my mom’s personal trainer with her on monday, and even though he “went easy on me,” he kicked my butt! i was literally sore for the rest of the week. so apparently i’m out of shape huh?! afterwards i ran a few errands with my mom, we met up with my dad for lunch, and then we watching a few talk shows together. it was such a fun (yet exhausting) mommy daughter date

wpid-img_20150119_170651.jpgi also met up with some friends midweek for happy hour. this coconut pineapple mojito was to die for

wpid-wp-1422235447372.jpegon friday, brian and i had date night at abuelo’s. we then went to starbucks were i taught him about carmel macchiatos. and the barista introduced me to carmel brulee steamers. um, yum! too bad it’s a seasonal flavor and won’t be available for much longer 😦

wpid-wp-1422235606809.jpegthen we came home and watched legends of the fall. i hadn’t seen it since i was little, and obviously didn’t understand what was going on, lol. and brian had never seen it.

and we ended the weekend with another movie, lucy. i LOVED it! i’m not usually into sci-fi but i really liked this one.

wpid-img_20150125_184442.jpgi had an AMAZING first week at my new job. it’s so wonderful not dreading going to work in the morning. the kids and other teachers are awesome. the letter of the week was P and we got to wear pajamas on thursday and friday…how fun is that?!

on friday i got paid from my old job, my new job, and my part time job, so to reward myself for putting in so many hours, i got a manicure lol. i usually only care if my toes look good, and have mastered giving myself pedicures…but it’s a special treat to get a mani every once in a while. i got a natural color gel and she promised me it will last 3 or 4 weeks yay!

wpid-wp-1422235470553.jpeglots of fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks ahead as well…stay tuned



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