a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process

sorry for mine!

just been having so much fun, i can’t believe it’s been almost a month since i blogged last!

three weekends ago we went to cleveland to visit brian’s best friend brandon, his wife ashley, and their son madden. madden is 8 months old and we hadn’t met him yet, so it was well overdue! if you recall, the last time we went to cleveland, brian’s car broke down, and we had to take a greyhound bus back to indy. it was certainly an adventure! luckily this time, there were no troubles (car or otherwise), just good times! unfortunately, these are the only two pictures i managed to take while we were there

wpid-img_20150207_205338.jpg wpid-img_20150216_070520.jpgon friday, ashley made us some delicious chili, and we played heads up which is a really fun (free!) game/app…kind of like taboo, where you give your partner hints and try to get them to guess the word. it was girls against boys, and i’m pretty sure we blew them out of the water. they were beating us on the movies category, but we rocked the 90’s category, lol.

on saturday, our other friend JJ drove in from mansfield to hang out with us, too. the boys played a lot of video games, while ashley and i watched a bunch of junk tv…that’s the best kind! then they took us to a brewery called fatheads, where i had the most delicious “bumbleberry honey blueberry ale,” complete with fresh blueberries, and the most delicious imperial ipa called “hop juju,” and the most delicious brisket sandwich that i think had a fried egg on it, although i can’t quite remember.

for brunch on sunday, we met up with brandon and ashley’s friends mike and ashley, and their son, bentley, who is just a month or so younger than madden. i had some delish eggs benedict. (it’s a miracle i didn’t gain any weight on this trip, bc i feel like all we did was eat!)

then last weekend, while brian was away at video game weekend, i had ashlee over for sewing weekend (which i still need to post about!) it was a lot of fun, and we got a lot accomplished, so that was good. even though we were apart, brian still posted this on facebook and made my day. he hates pda, and is a very private, not so mushy person, so this declaration of love certainly surprised me, but hey, i’ll take it!

wpid-screenshot_2015-02-19-15-46-54.pngplease excuse the other things, i was too lazy to crop, haha

this is the weekend i had been waiting for, because it was out belated valentine’s day celebration, and i was spoiled!

i’ve returned to counting calories these past few weeks (more about that in a few) so a “cheat day” (or two) were well deserved. on friday, i got an oil change, ran some errands with my brother sam, and then met up with brian at abuelo’s. they have THE BEST chile rellenos and enchiladas.

after that, brian and i researched some possible venues in vegas for the ceremony and/or reception. stressful as always, so i won’t dwell to much on that.

then yesterday, we went shopping. i got a few shirts, got the courage to go into mac and ask them to teach me how to fill in my eyebrows, yet still look natural, so had to pick up a few things there. i had never been there before, and wasn’t really expecting those prices, but good to know for next time…yikes! and then we also splurged at teavana of all places lol.

wpid-img_20150221_164847.jpgfinally, we ate at my favorite restaurant of all time…and i think you know what it is…BENIHANA’S!! we even had a celebrity sighting…robert mathis, defensive end for the indianapolis colts, was sitting at the table right next to us!

wpid-wp-1424649419617.jpegstar struck!

today we went to goodwill to get rid of a crap ton of stuff i have been gathering for quite some time now…a large tv stand, two boxes of pots, pans, and glasses, and about 4 or so trashbags of clothes. felt so good! we even had some guy who uses scrap metal come haul away our old broken dryer, which freed up a lot of room in the garage as well. decluttering is always a positive experience, perhaps i am just so anxious for spring to arrive that i started the cleaning early?!

and finally, back to the counting calories thing…i wanted to share some of the recipes that we’ve tried lately that were pretty good if you wanted to test them out yourself…

cheese spaghetti squash (although when i ate my leftovers at school the next day, one of my boys asked if i was eating worms, lol) one serving has 175 calories, compared to the usual 700 a “real” pasta dish would have

for dinner tonight, we had this meatless curry dish, with:  tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, chick peas, and cauliflower…all on top of sticky coconut rice. so good!

and for breakfast this week, i used this baked oatmeal base recipe, and added bananas, mini chocolate chips, and almonds as toppings. it made two trays worth, so i may have to freeze some for future use. i tested one fresh out of the oven and they were so yummy!

wpid-wp-1424649425323.jpegthis winter has been hard for my weight loss journey. i had finally gotten into a groove with running, and then had to stop. i thought teaching swim lessons two nights a week (for 3 hours each night) would step up my metabolism, but i don’t really think it has. one perk of my job, is that there is free lunch every day, but i think that has been more harmful than helpful for me.

i had done so well, and lost 19 pounds, 19! but then gained almost 5 of them back. i’m happy to report that i’m back on track, and have lost 4 of those pounds again. now i am still 12 pounds from my goal. #thestruggleisreal

i really hate having to make a conscious effort with every meal, and every thing i put into my mouth…don’t we all?! of course i would love nothing more than to eat whatever i want, whenever i want…but there’s something to be said about literally watching the pounds shed off your body. i had to force myself to donate all of my “fat” clothes, so i wouldn’t have them for back up and get complacent again.

every day is a clean slate

i plan to try two new recipes this week, so stay tuned…



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