spare tire…

i’ve been working toward writing this post for quite some time now, and i am so proud to say that i finally have the opportunity to do so…

for those of you who have been following along with my weight loss journey, you know it has been slow and steady with a few bumps along the way

my new job is awesome, and provides me with free lunch everyday…however, i can’t exactly eat what my 3 and 4 year olds do, because i don’t have the same metabolism as them. i was loving pepperoni pizza and bread sticks, and waffles with syrup, and chicken fingers with fries…but my diet wasn’t! in just a matter of weeks, i quickly gained 5 pounds back

so, i had to get serious about counting calories again, and even returned to running.

another benefit to my new job is that there is a full sized indoor track, and it only took me 30 days of working there to finally take advantage of it

wpid-img_20150223_155034.jpgi’ve tested out a lot of new delicious low calorie meals, such as israeli cous cous tabouleh

wpid-img_20150223_193641.jpgand one pan vegan tex mex quinoa

wpid-img_20150302_180959.jpgand some not so delicious, and probably not so low calorie andouille sausage jumbo

wpid-img_20150228_171911.jpgit wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t very flavorful and had a very thick texture. you know how you can buy swanson broth in cartons? well our grocery store had a Louisiana cajun flavor with this recipe on the back, so we tried it out

you know you are turning into a foodie when you are excited to go to fresh thyme, which is where we are headed later today. they have the best produce there, and such reasonable prices as well! i already have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu made out for next week, so no excuses, and no school lunches lol

but now for the moment i’ve been waiting for!

after losing about 18 or 19 pounds, i hit a plateau…granted i had stopped running on a regular basis, and stopped counting calories as well

but after lots of dedication and hard work, i’m ecstatic to announce that i finally “broke the barrier” and have lost 22 pounds! now i only have 8 pounds left to meet my initial goal. can you believe it?!

did you know that a car tire weighs 20 pounds? i’ve literally been caring around the weight of a tire on my body. how’s that for extra weight holding you down?! other things that weigh 20 pounds include a kitchen aid mixer, 2 gallons of water, and 80 sticks of butter. YUCK!

remember this picture?

fatfati made it, i made it, i really made it!!

8 more pounds to go, and then i want to start shopping for wedding dresses

the gym teacher at work stays every day to help people work out, so i need to swallow my pride, stop being shy, and join the others sometime soon

perhaps i will have a bikini body by summer after all!



4 thoughts on “spare tire…

  1. congratulations christina. that is really awesome. lifestyle changes are hard so you made quite an achievement! good luck to you. i’m sure you will make it!

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