i don’t know how i originally got invited/signed up for influenster, but i’m so excited i did! i think it may have come from blogging, so if that is the case, let me continue doing that to hopefully get sent more free products!

my first “voxbox” came from the freeman beauty company. i have used a few of their face and foot products before, and loved them, so i couldn’t wait to get started. they sent me 5 different face mask samples to test and review. so, for the last time, before i get started, let me state, “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

i have combination skin, which is super annoying! so it wasn’t hard for me to decide what mask to use first

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask

i have nothing but good things to say about the avocado and clay oatmeal mask. this “one time use” packet was so full, i could’ve definitely cut it in half and saved it for another time. but i didn’t. instead, i generously slathered up. i hate to admit it, but i am a person that has texture issues. luckily for me this mask was thick, creamy, and went on really smooth. like i already stated, there was plenty of coverage. there was even a slight cooling sensation, and the smell was divine. here i am trying it out. i was so excited to start my reviews, i even purchased this cute terry cloth headband to keep my hair pulled back lol. and i had to make a weird face, because when i smiled normally the color made my teeth look weird haha

wpid-img_20150321_122140.jpgafter letting it dry and rinsing it off, of course my face felt amazing. it was smoother, clearer, brighter, and the pores of my nose (my usual trouble spot) were noticeably reduced.

i tried to drag this process out and use one mask per week. i wanted to give my face time to be “in need” of another one again, due to the use of makeup and just the daily elements i we are all exposed to. 5/5

next i tried the

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask

oh my goodness, this one smelled heavenly too. it reminded me of something from my childhood, but i couldn’t quite put my finger on just what it was. i already have a charcoal face scrub from another company that i use pretty frequently, so i was already familiar with the great effects it can have on your skin. i was a little worried about this one, because like any polishing mask, it had little microscrubbers in it, and i was afraid they would not stick to my face. however, that was not a problem at all, and i felt safe to move around freely and do other things while i kept it on for the allotted time.

wpid-img_20150328_100109.jpgyes, i’m a weirdo, i know. sometimes polishing scrubs can be rough and abrasive, but this one was not. it felt very smooth and was actually fun to exfoliate with. i have sensitive skin, so it was a little red after using this, but it didn’t hurt, wasn’t irritated, and quickly went away leaving my face softer and brighter than before. 5/5

i’m no spring chicken anymore, so after staying up way too late one night drinking with friends, my eyes were puffy the next, and i had bags under them as well. it isn’t a mystery what mask i decided to put to use next

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Mask

this one was a little different than the others i tried, because it was a paper mask made only for the eye area. it didn’t really smell like coffee or chai, just had a clean, fresh smell. it went on easily, but didn’t contour/stick to my face as well as i had hoped. it was cool and refreshing, and extra juicy so i could rub the excess liquid on for an added bonus.

wpid-img_20150329_110942.jpgi felt a little like batman, lol, but it worked wonders! i felt energized and ready to go, and the skin around my eyes felt tight and wrinkle free. i am definitely going to purchase some more of these to use particularly before i get my engagement photos done. 5/5

i have to admit that i’m a softy, and donated one of my masks to my mom. she was going on and on about how she likes peel off masks, but she can never find them or get them to work correctly. so i gave her this one

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

with the requirement that she must review it. she sent me pictures, but they are way to funny to share on social media. she did like how thickly it went off, but didn’t like that it took at least 45 minutes to dry, up to 65 minutes in some sections. however, all she had to do was stretch her face, and the whole thing came off in one piece. she was very impressed by that. she also loved the smell, and how the fragrance lingered for the rest of the day. her face felt smoother and tighter, and she wants more for mother’s day, lol. 5/5

and last, but certainly not least

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask

i teach swim lessons sometimes up to three times a week, for at least 4 hours at a time. needless to say, my skin gets dry from the humidity in the pool area, and from the chlorine as well. i waited until i was in dire need of a deep moisturizer before using this mask. i was a little hesitant, because usually i’m not a big fan of chamomile, but luckily the honeydew overpowered it and smelled delicious! for an overnight cream i thought it was going to be thick and greasy, but it actually went on light and airy, more like a gel. and i must admit that i only used a tiny finger swipe’s worth, so i could continue using the rest over and over lol. this might be my new nightly ritual!

although i was given these products for free, i still fully endorse them and for an average of only $1.99 per full size product, i will definitely be purchasing more of them for myself, and others as well







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