team bride: my starting line up

i’ve reemerged to break my blogging silence with a very special post!

i’m pleased to announce that i can officially check one of the most important “tasks” off my bridal to do list…i have chosen my bridesmaids!

i have my man, but i still need my girls!

and i’m proud to say that it didn’t take (much) cajoling to get them all on board, lol

it took a lot of planning to to make my “proposals” perfect…and luckily for me, they all said yes!

first, i ordered these super cute, gold foiled cards, in mint (not pink) which will be the main color for our wedding, and personalized them each with a different poem, quote, or inside joke

cardthen, i bought each of the ladies a gold alex and ani charm bracelet, with their initial, so we will all have matching jewelry on the big day. gold is one of my accent colors as well

braceletand finally, i wanted to do something a little more personal, so i made drawstring bags in fabrics/colors to their likings, and also chose lip balms and candies that i knew they would love

so without further ado, i’d like to introduce…

first up, is ashlee, my matron of honor

ashwe met at iu, and i call her my other half, because we are both half vietnamese and half white…so together we make a whole asian and a whole caucasian, lol. we also refer to each other as soul sisters, because we are SO much alike, it’s scary sometimes. (matching tattoos are in the works!) after graduation we went our separate ways and were apart for awhile. unfortunately i didn’t make it to her wedding, so i am honored that she will not only be in attendance at mine, but will be my right hand (wo)man! and i promise by hook or by crook i will be at her 10 year anniversary party with bells on! we reunited at the baby shower for her daughter archer, now my goddaughter, and have been inseparable ever since. it’s like we never skipped a beat. we cook, craft, laugh and cry together. not a day goes by that we don’t talk to each other, and i couldn’t ask for a better friend.

of course the picture i took of ashlee’s “care package” is somehow mysteriously missing from my phone 😦

next up, my little sister tori

tototori is not just my littler sister, she is one of my best friends. i couldn’t imagine my crazy family without her! there’s a lot to be said for someone who has seen you at your worst and still loves you just the same. she has literally played a huge part in my life for the last almost 20 years. his past year has been hard on me, as it was her first year away at college (purdue nonetheless!) and she’s no longer just a short drive away. but now she is home for the summer, and i can’t wait to get to spend more time with her! she is probably the person who understands me best, because we come from the same place and have been through so much together.

wpid-wp-1431310017782.jpgnext comes cheryl

cherylwe met at work. i can’t remember the first time we ever hung out, but now i can’t remember a time without her. when we are together, the goofiest times are had. only she and i can laugh the way we do. we even started writing a book about the crazy “adventures” we have had, although we didn’t get very far, because i’m sure we got distracted by another much more fascinating idea at the time. cheryl will be getting married this september, and i couldn’t be happier for her. it’s been so helpful having someone to go through this overwhelming planning process with!

wpid-img_20150423_1409492.jpg.jpgand last, but certainly not least, my good friend angela

angangela and i met while teaching at the same school. i had just graduated, and wanted to move out of my parents’ house. she was looking to rent a room, and the rest is history. i gained so much more than a roommate that year. angela is one of the most caring and genuine individuals i have ever met. we went everywhere together from church to zumba. although i eventually have to move on to a house of my own, i made the wise decision to get one just around the corner, and still get to see her for walks around the neighborhood, laying out at the pool, or watching project runway.

wpid-wp-1431310033196.jpgi huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that i will have these four in my corner, not just on my big day, but every day

planning this wedding has been super stressful, but this part was a piece of cake!

i’m blessed to have so many people who love and support me and i couldn’t imagine saying “i do” without these girls by my side



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