holiday weekend

this weekend has been amazing! i’m sad to see it come to an end, but this is the last week of school, and i think it’s safe to say that summer is officially here. i’m so ready!

on thursday, one of our good friends came into town, so we took her out to dinner. sadly we didn’t get a picture with her, but we took one together of course lol

wpid-img_20150521_232850.jpgfriday, my sister and her friend ally and i went to paint pottery. i made this small plate for my future father in law for father’s day. it was the fastest i’ve ever painted something at the pottery place, usually i have to come back several times to get it all done. it’s also the simplest thing i’ve ever painted. i feel like the sides are very plain and i wanted to add more, but i tend to overdo it sometimes, and my sister and her friend said it looks good as is, so i (very hesitantly) decided to leave it alone. we shall see how it turns out after it’s been fired.

wpid-img_20150522_183227.jpgafter that, we went out to dinner and came home and had a dance party, lol. we had a lot of fun

wpid-img_20150522_224055.jpgthe girls were helping me celebrate, because friday was an awesome day for me! when i got dressed for work, i realized that a pair of jeans i had just bought, were already too big. now i literally have no pants or shorts that fit me!

wpid-img_20150522_075353.jpgso we went shopping, and i discovered that i had finally reached my goal of leaving double digits! i fit a medium shirt (in the juniors department!) and medium pants, size 7/9! i was so proud! i can’t believe that less than a year ago i was a size 16! i’m happier, and healthier, and never looking back! time to set new goals

wpid-wp-1432595762469.jpgmy trainer has really been kicking my butt, and last week i was getting really discouraged and wanted to quit. but i need to remember that instead of looking at how far i still have left to go, i need to look at how far i’ve already come. and in a month or even a year from now, when i look back at all of the progress i will have made, i will be so glad i didn’t give up.

wpid-img_20150509_105930.jpgi even restarted c25k (couch to 5k), so i could still be active on my “days off.” i felt so much stronger and more equipped. in the words of tim mcgraw, “i’m not as good as i’m gonna get, but i’m better than i used to be!” wedding dress shopping is going to be so much better next time around!!

wpid-img_20150524_123047.jpg(just having fun, because i bought this iu tank awhile ago, and it fits so well now, i was so happy and confident! please excuse the mess in my room, lol)

anywho…on saturday, me, the girls, brian, and his mom all went to turkey run. on the way there we stopped at an amish greenhouse and bought some pretty flowers to redo my large planter on the front porch

wpid-wp-1432595644264.jpgturkey run was gorgeous!! i had never been before, but i definitely want to go back. i want to go tubing down the creek this summer 🙂

wpid-img_20150523_131708.jpgthis was us in the back of the convertible with the top down on the way there lol

wpid-wp-1432595688672.jpg wpid-wp-1432595657416.jpgwpid-wp-1432601708534.jpgthese pictures don’t really show the beautiful waterfalls, but you get the idea. there was a lot of hiking and stairs involved, so a pretty good workout to say the least!

on sunday brian and i went to the casino, although there’s not much to that story lol

wpid-wp-1432595638071.jpgthen we came home and played drinking games, despite the fact that i could only hang for about two rounds lol

wpid-wp-1432595630878.jpgand today we did the “normal sunday chores,” of laundry and cleaning the house. i worked on a quilt for awhile, then stopped by the hospital to do a bit of work and ran a few errands, but that was about it.

now it’s time to try to squeeze in a movie before bed, and back to work tomorrow



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