school’s out for summer!

well, kind of…

in order to keep my benefits, i still have to work full time…so i will continue to teach swim lessons, lifeguard, and do summer camp as well.

but my hours will be awesome, so i intend to take full advantage of my free afternoons and evenings!

i apologize if you follow me on instagram (missbiro) twitter (miss_biro) or facebook, because my blog posts are probably a big review of the things i share on there

but anywho…

on thursday i had my 6 month check up at the dentist. i’m proud to say in that in my 30 and 1/2 years, i remain cavity free! i had a slight scare involving a blackberry seed though, lol, but i won’t get into that

wpid-wp-1433119267075.jpganother highlight of my week was getting this super cute cincinnati reds hat on clearance for $4 at meijer, lol. i CAN’T WAIT to see them play this summer…i’m starting to realize how much i look forward to their games. perhaps this should be a new tradition? we hope to go 4th of july weekend

wpid-wp-1433119275052.jpgi think it’s also fitting to say that the shirt i am wearing in this picture says “geek,” but i was wise enough to crop that part out lol

i’m also glad to say i “finished” the quilt i intend to bring to our engagement photo shoot next sunday. i still need to bind and wash it, but that shouldn’t take too long (knock on wood). we already tested it out and we can both fit under it. yay!

wpid-wp-1433119282836.jpgon saturday, we had a double date with ashlee and tyler. we got our favorite wings and fries from the ale emporium (after i ran of course) and went to see pitch perfect 2. i LOVED it!

wpid-wp-1433119298347.jpgi’m really starting to notice big changes in my figure, and couldn’t be happier. a lot of people have also been commenting on my weight loss and asking about what i’ve been doing to lose weight, so that brings me a lot of joy as well!

wpid-wp-1433119291229.jpgtoday i cracked the code on iced coffee using the keurig, which will come in handy for a refreshing summer beverage

wpid-wp-1433119305069.jpgand after a week of “bike envy” from brian’s new bike, i got one for myself! it’s supposed to be nice tomorrow (after TONS of rain, and hail damage to the siding on our house, grrrr) so i’m super excited to take it for a test ride, and to spend time exercising with brian

wpid-wp-1433119311234.jpgon a side note, i decided to watch the 80’s movie “the heathers,” and i have to say i really regret that decision, lol. what in the world?!

now that school’s out, i will hopefully get back on track with blogging on a regular basis.

summer, here we come!!

c & b


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