it’s all happening!

i haven’t blogged in a while, so i will do a quick recap…

summer has been amazing so far! i signed up for fewer hours at work so i could enjoy more time with people i love, doing what i love!

a few weekends ago we went to crawfordsville for the strawberry festival, and i got to meet our friend brandon and rachel’s son, alex. he is a doll baby! so cute!

wpid-wp-1435101498745.jpglook who else i met while out with friends in broadripple…one of my favorite hoosier basketball players, will sheehey! he was so kind, and humored me being a “fan girl,” lol

wpid-wp-1435537037427.jpgbrian and i have been consistently riding our bikes, and i have even gone on some solo trips when he was out of town

wpid-wp-1435101485660.jpgi’m proud to say i am down a few more pounds, and only have about 7 more to go to reach my goal! i’ve even started wearing some of my old college tees. (benefits of being a hoarder!)

wpid-wp-1435539363364.jpg wpid-wp-1435539353529.jpgi have also been going to strength training classes with my mom on saturday mornings. the best part is that afterwards we always stop by the farmers’ market lol. then, when we get back to her house i get to spend some girl time with her and her chickens

wpid-wp-1435101514293.jpgit has all paid off too, because this weekend, i “said yes to the dress!” i have awesome friends/bridesmaids, and was lucky that three of them were able to come with me. the dress is everything i wanted, and i did not want to take it off lol. i felt like a disney princess! of course i spent more than i was wanting to, but i knew it was the one! the best part is, with the style of the dress i mostly just need to focus on my arms and back now to have a rockin bridal body lol.

i’ve also recruited another bridesmaid, katie! so happy she agreed to join the team šŸ™‚ she is married to kelly, one of brian’s good friends and groomsmen. so when i asked her, i joked that there is a pretty cute groomsman that she will get to walk with, lol. cheesy i know, but hey it worked!

katiewedding planning has finally turned from stressful to fun. out of the blue brian even decided to tell me “i think we are going to have a nice wedding,” lol. it’s just all coming together smoothly (knock on wood) and i couldn’t be more excited. we are less than a year away and it’s starting to feel more “real” if that makes sense.


(this is an old pic, we are now 363 days away, because next year is a leap year)

working on the guest list tonight, i just realize how truly blessed we are with such amazing friends and family. i think brian’s right…our wedding is going to be pretty awesome! when it’s all said and done, it’s really all about the marriage and not the wedding, but i am still glad we will be able to share our special day and party with some pretty fun folks!

wpid-wp-1435536923291.jpgwe also took our engagement pictures, and have the final edits back, but i am not ready to share those yet. perhaps after we mail out save the dates i will. here’s one we took ourselves just for fun after it was all said and done

wpid-wp-1435537076695.jpgi also decided that after the wedding i am chopping all of my hair off! but i don’t want to pay for extensions, so i guess i have to keep it in the meantime lol

wpid-wp-1435536939643.jpgsuper stoked that brian and i will finally have a 4 day holiday weekend all to ourselves! we are still planning what fun stuff to do, but i’m sure we will make the most of it!



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