summer staycation

first things first…although i really love the picture of brian and i tailgating at an IU game, i felt it was finally time to update my header photo

i chose one of my favorite from our engagement session, because 1) we are wearing matching IU jerseys, so it still fits my theme and 2) i think it really showcases our personalities and love for each other

i’m still waiting to order our save the dates before i post all of our engagement pics, but i promise i will share them soon

anywho, the last 4 days have been so relaxing and fun, i’m sad to return to the real world tomorrow 😦 we were thinking of going to cincinnati for a long weekend and to see some reds games, but it was supposed to rain so we decided not to. of course it was beautiful all weekend! murphy’s law

last week, i opted out of teaching cheer camp, and worked at the hospital instead. brian was out of town monday and tuesday, so i went to work out with my mom

monday we did strength training focusing on “pushing” muscles, and yes i took a shameless gym selfie, because i am very proud of myself for continuing to work out, eat right, and overall maintain a healthier lifestyle

wpid-wp-1436136496443.jpgmy mom is pretty ripped too!

wpid-wp-1436143748473.jpgafterwards my parents let me stay for dinner…filet, roasted potatoes, and salad…yummy!

and i got to see my favorite girl, so that’s always a plus!

wpid-wp-1436143760577.jpgthen on tuesday mom and i went to tabata, which by definition means:  high intensity interval training approach a try to burn more fat in less time

yikes! i was pooped!

wpid-wp-1436142464200.jpgbrian came home wednesday night, and i can’t really remember what we did

however, on thursday we went to lunch at maggiano’s, because i had a gift card…it was DELICIOUS!! the calamari and creme brulee were amazing! then we went shopping to get some stuff we needed for a wedding coming up at the end of this month. and finally we went on a bike ride together

wpid-wp-1436136424862.jpgfriday, some friends from crawfordsville came to visit. we took them to mass ave downtown for a little bit of eating and shopping. we went to bru burger, and tried subzero ice cream for the first time. that is where they take fresh cream, mix in your flavor and toppings, and flash freeze it with liquid nitrogen! it was on shark tank i guess. we had heard it was good from some other friends of ours, but i wasn’t a huge fan.

on saturday (the 4th of july) we went on another bike ride, and broke our personal record for distance. we rode 13 miles! it was hot as all get out too and i was so ready to be done lol. my next goal is a 15 mile ride. we have really been racking up the miles though, so i am happy about that.

then we went to our friends’ house for a get together. we got to meet their baby boy, trevor, and he is so stinking cute! we had some pretty good food, drinks, fun and games.

we spent the night, which worked out in my favor, because this morning i got to get breakfast at the kolache factory! YUM!

when we got home brian went back to sleep and i got a ton of sewing done.

then we finally went to the pool and i got a little bit of a tan. yay!

brian grilled steaks and we just got done watching the soccer game. GO USA!

(i promise i didn’t just eat all weekend, although i did do quite a lot of that, lol)

overall it was a great weekend of food, friends, and fun

i don’t think i have another “vacation” until fall break? sadness!

i hope you all had a safe and eventful 4th as well! 🙂



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