about moi

i like to describe myself as short, sweet, and to the point, lol. don’t let that fool you though, i can be a fire cracker at times if i need to be. i have little quirks like disliking capital letters…so don’t judge my posts based on that alone please. i have always enjoyed expressing myself, mostly through art, but writing has slowly and persistently emerged as well. i have a younger brother and a younger sister, and they mean the world to me. unfortunately i probably can’t classify myself as a young adult anymore…but i am still trying to find my place in this wide world. this blog will mostly be about my family, my creations, my joys, my sorrows, and just my life in general. i can’t promise daily communication…but there is something to be said for documenting even the most mundane of events in our lives. i love to look back on old journal entries or photos and remember things that made me smile. i also love to share my happiness with others, and that is where you come in 🙂


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