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i know i haven’t blogged in FOREVER and there are more important things i need to write about, but since i have a few minutes, i will keep this one light about a couple of books i have read lately…

after completing my 30 before 30 reading goal, i once again put reading on the back burner…it wasn’t intentional, as i love reading almost as much as i love sewing…

i guess i have been focusing a lot more of my free time on trying to be more active, so sitting on the couch or laying in bed reading is kind of the opposite of that, lol

i read A LOT of good books while accomplishing the aforementioned goal, and i got spoiled! i was also on a schedule, so i couldn’t be as selective (aka picky) as i am now. for these two reasons, it has been very hard finding a new book to keep my interest

i finally found a site that suggests books based on other books you have enjoyed, and that is how i found “when you reach me,” by rebecca stead

When_you_reach_meyes, it is a young adult book, lol…you know those are my favorite! it was so long ago now, i don’t remember much from it other than 1. i loved it! 2. i was a little confused with the ending, so i may need to reread it and 3. it made me want to read “a wrinkle in time,” because there were a lot of references to it, as it was the main character’s favorite book

just recently, one of my good friends recommended “the girl on the train (by paula hawkins)” to me, because i liked “gone girl.” it started kind of slow, but i stayed up late a few nights in a row engrossed in it, and i finally finished it last night. overall, i felt that it was very repetitive and dragged on and i really just wanted to get to the end to find out what happened…then everything all happened at once in the last chapter. i hate when authors do that!girl coverhowever, it was a good plot, a little predictable, but good. also, they are making it into a movie, and one of our favorite actors, cillian murphy, is being considered to play one of the lead male roles. that would be awesome!

last night i began reading “love, stargirl,” by jerry spinelli…the sequel to “stargirl,” which i read and loved a LONG time ago, so i hope i can remember specific references made in it

but now it’s time to enjoy a sunday evening movie with the boy