holiday weekend

this weekend has been amazing! i’m sad to see it come to an end, but this is the last week of school, and i think it’s safe to say that summer is officially here. i’m so ready!

on thursday, one of our good friends came into town, so we took her out to dinner. sadly we didn’t get a picture with her, but we took one together of course lol

wpid-img_20150521_232850.jpgfriday, my sister and her friend ally and i went to paint pottery. i made this small plate for my future father in law for father’s day. it was the fastest i’ve ever painted something at the pottery place, usually i have to come back several times to get it all done. it’s also the simplest thing i’ve ever painted. i feel like the sides are very plain and i wanted to add more, but i tend to overdo it sometimes, and my sister and her friend said it looks good as is, so i (very hesitantly) decided to leave it alone. we shall see how it turns out after it’s been fired.

wpid-img_20150522_183227.jpgafter that, we went out to dinner and came home and had a dance party, lol. we had a lot of fun

wpid-img_20150522_224055.jpgthe girls were helping me celebrate, because friday was an awesome day for me! when i got dressed for work, i realized that a pair of jeans i had just bought, were already too big. now i literally have no pants or shorts that fit me!

wpid-img_20150522_075353.jpgso we went shopping, and i discovered that i had finally reached my goal of leaving double digits! i fit a medium shirt (in the juniors department!) and medium pants, size 7/9! i was so proud! i can’t believe that less than a year ago i was a size 16! i’m happier, and healthier, and never looking back! time to set new goals

wpid-wp-1432595762469.jpgmy trainer has really been kicking my butt, and last week i was getting really discouraged and wanted to quit. but i need to remember that instead of looking at how far i still have left to go, i need to look at how far i’ve already come. and in a month or even a year from now, when i look back at all of the progress i will have made, i will be so glad i didn’t give up.

wpid-img_20150509_105930.jpgi even restarted c25k (couch to 5k), so i could still be active on my “days off.” i felt so much stronger and more equipped. in the words of tim mcgraw, “i’m not as good as i’m gonna get, but i’m better than i used to be!” wedding dress shopping is going to be so much better next time around!!

wpid-img_20150524_123047.jpg(just having fun, because i bought this iu tank awhile ago, and it fits so well now, i was so happy and confident! please excuse the mess in my room, lol)

anywho…on saturday, me, the girls, brian, and his mom all went to turkey run. on the way there we stopped at an amish greenhouse and bought some pretty flowers to redo my large planter on the front porch

wpid-wp-1432595644264.jpgturkey run was gorgeous!! i had never been before, but i definitely want to go back. i want to go tubing down the creek this summer :)

wpid-img_20150523_131708.jpgthis was us in the back of the convertible with the top down on the way there lol

wpid-wp-1432595688672.jpg wpid-wp-1432595657416.jpgwpid-wp-1432601708534.jpgthese pictures don’t really show the beautiful waterfalls, but you get the idea. there was a lot of hiking and stairs involved, so a pretty good workout to say the least!

on sunday brian and i went to the casino, although there’s not much to that story lol

wpid-wp-1432595638071.jpgthen we came home and played drinking games, despite the fact that i could only hang for about two rounds lol

wpid-wp-1432595630878.jpgand today we did the “normal sunday chores,” of laundry and cleaning the house. i worked on a quilt for awhile, then stopped by the hospital to do a bit of work and ran a few errands, but that was about it.

now it’s time to try to squeeze in a movie before bed, and back to work tomorrow


team bride: my starting line up

i’ve reemerged to break my blogging silence with a very special post!

i’m pleased to announce that i can officially check one of the most important “tasks” off my bridal to do list…i have chosen my bridesmaids!

i have my man, but i still need my girls!

and i’m proud to say that it didn’t take (much) cajoling to get them all on board, lol

it took a lot of planning to to make my “proposals” perfect…and luckily for me, they all said yes!

first, i ordered these super cute, gold foiled cards, in mint (not pink) which will be the main color for our wedding, and personalized them each with a different poem, quote, or inside joke

cardthen, i bought each of the ladies a gold alex and ani charm bracelet, with their initial, so we will all have matching jewelry on the big day. gold is one of my accent colors as well

braceletand finally, i wanted to do something a little more personal, so i made drawstring bags in fabrics/colors to their likings, and also chose lip balms and candies that i knew they would love

so without further ado, i’d like to introduce…

first up, is ashlee, my matron of honor

ashwe met at iu, and i call her my other half, because we are both half vietnamese and half white…so together we make a whole asian and a whole caucasian, lol. we also refer to each other as soul sisters, because we are SO much alike, it’s scary sometimes. (matching tattoos are in the works!) after graduation we went our separate ways and were apart for awhile. unfortunately i didn’t make it to her wedding, so i am honored that she will not only be in attendance at mine, but will be my right hand (wo)man! and i promise by hook or by crook i will be at her 10 year anniversary party with bells on! we reunited at the baby shower for her daughter archer, now my goddaughter, and have been inseparable ever since. it’s like we never skipped a beat. we cook, craft, laugh and cry together. not a day goes by that we don’t talk to each other, and i couldn’t ask for a better friend.

of course the picture i took of ashlee’s “care package” is somehow mysteriously missing from my phone :(

next up, my little sister tori

tototori is not just my littler sister, she is one of my best friends. i couldn’t imagine my crazy family without her! there’s a lot to be said for someone who has seen you at your worst and still loves you just the same. she has literally played a huge part in my life for the last almost 20 years. his past year has been hard on me, as it was her first year away at college (purdue nonetheless!) and she’s no longer just a short drive away. but now she is home for the summer, and i can’t wait to get to spend more time with her! she is probably the person who understands me best, because we come from the same place and have been through so much together.

wpid-wp-1431310017782.jpgnext comes cheryl

cherylwe met at work. i can’t remember the first time we ever hung out, but now i can’t remember a time without her. when we are together, the goofiest times are had. only she and i can laugh the way we do. we even started writing a book about the crazy “adventures” we have had, although we didn’t get very far, because i’m sure we got distracted by another much more fascinating idea at the time. cheryl will be getting married this september, and i couldn’t be happier for her. it’s been so helpful having someone to go through this overwhelming planning process with!

wpid-img_20150423_1409492.jpg.jpgand last, but certainly not least, my good friend angela

angangela and i met while teaching at the same school. i had just graduated, and wanted to move out of my parents’ house. she was looking to rent a room, and the rest is history. i gained so much more than a roommate that year. angela is one of the most caring and genuine individuals i have ever met. we went everywhere together from church to zumba. although i eventually have to move on to a house of my own, i made the wise decision to get one just around the corner, and still get to see her for walks around the neighborhood, laying out at the pool, or watching project runway.

wpid-wp-1431310033196.jpgi huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that i will have these four in my corner, not just on my big day, but every day

planning this wedding has been super stressful, but this part was a piece of cake!

i’m blessed to have so many people who love and support me and i couldn’t imagine saying “i do” without these girls by my side



i don’t know how i originally got invited/signed up for influenster, but i’m so excited i did! i think it may have come from blogging, so if that is the case, let me continue doing that to hopefully get sent more free products!

my first “voxbox” came from the freeman beauty company. i have used a few of their face and foot products before, and loved them, so i couldn’t wait to get started. they sent me 5 different face mask samples to test and review. so, for the last time, before i get started, let me state, “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

i have combination skin, which is super annoying! so it wasn’t hard for me to decide what mask to use first

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask

i have nothing but good things to say about the avocado and clay oatmeal mask. this “one time use” packet was so full, i could’ve definitely cut it in half and saved it for another time. but i didn’t. instead, i generously slathered up. i hate to admit it, but i am a person that has texture issues. luckily for me this mask was thick, creamy, and went on really smooth. like i already stated, there was plenty of coverage. there was even a slight cooling sensation, and the smell was divine. here i am trying it out. i was so excited to start my reviews, i even purchased this cute terry cloth headband to keep my hair pulled back lol. and i had to make a weird face, because when i smiled normally the color made my teeth look weird haha

wpid-img_20150321_122140.jpgafter letting it dry and rinsing it off, of course my face felt amazing. it was smoother, clearer, brighter, and the pores of my nose (my usual trouble spot) were noticeably reduced.

i tried to drag this process out and use one mask per week. i wanted to give my face time to be “in need” of another one again, due to the use of makeup and just the daily elements i we are all exposed to. 5/5

next i tried the

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask

oh my goodness, this one smelled heavenly too. it reminded me of something from my childhood, but i couldn’t quite put my finger on just what it was. i already have a charcoal face scrub from another company that i use pretty frequently, so i was already familiar with the great effects it can have on your skin. i was a little worried about this one, because like any polishing mask, it had little microscrubbers in it, and i was afraid they would not stick to my face. however, that was not a problem at all, and i felt safe to move around freely and do other things while i kept it on for the allotted time.

wpid-img_20150328_100109.jpgyes, i’m a weirdo, i know. sometimes polishing scrubs can be rough and abrasive, but this one was not. it felt very smooth and was actually fun to exfoliate with. i have sensitive skin, so it was a little red after using this, but it didn’t hurt, wasn’t irritated, and quickly went away leaving my face softer and brighter than before. 5/5

i’m no spring chicken anymore, so after staying up way too late one night drinking with friends, my eyes were puffy the next, and i had bags under them as well. it isn’t a mystery what mask i decided to put to use next

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Mask

this one was a little different than the others i tried, because it was a paper mask made only for the eye area. it didn’t really smell like coffee or chai, just had a clean, fresh smell. it went on easily, but didn’t contour/stick to my face as well as i had hoped. it was cool and refreshing, and extra juicy so i could rub the excess liquid on for an added bonus.

wpid-img_20150329_110942.jpgi felt a little like batman, lol, but it worked wonders! i felt energized and ready to go, and the skin around my eyes felt tight and wrinkle free. i am definitely going to purchase some more of these to use particularly before i get my engagement photos done. 5/5

i have to admit that i’m a softy, and donated one of my masks to my mom. she was going on and on about how she likes peel off masks, but she can never find them or get them to work correctly. so i gave her this one

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

with the requirement that she must review it. she sent me pictures, but they are way to funny to share on social media. she did like how thickly it went off, but didn’t like that it took at least 45 minutes to dry, up to 65 minutes in some sections. however, all she had to do was stretch her face, and the whole thing came off in one piece. she was very impressed by that. she also loved the smell, and how the fragrance lingered for the rest of the day. her face felt smoother and tighter, and she wants more for mother’s day, lol. 5/5

and last, but certainly not least

Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask

i teach swim lessons sometimes up to three times a week, for at least 4 hours at a time. needless to say, my skin gets dry from the humidity in the pool area, and from the chlorine as well. i waited until i was in dire need of a deep moisturizer before using this mask. i was a little hesitant, because usually i’m not a big fan of chamomile, but luckily the honeydew overpowered it and smelled delicious! for an overnight cream i thought it was going to be thick and greasy, but it actually went on light and airy, more like a gel. and i must admit that i only used a tiny finger swipe’s worth, so i could continue using the rest over and over lol. this might be my new nightly ritual!

although i was given these products for free, i still fully endorse them and for an average of only $1.99 per full size product, i will definitely be purchasing more of them for myself, and others as well






spare tire…

i’ve been working toward writing this post for quite some time now, and i am so proud to say that i finally have the opportunity to do so…

for those of you who have been following along with my weight loss journey, you know it has been slow and steady with a few bumps along the way

my new job is awesome, and provides me with free lunch everyday…however, i can’t exactly eat what my 3 and 4 year olds do, because i don’t have the same metabolism as them. i was loving pepperoni pizza and bread sticks, and waffles with syrup, and chicken fingers with fries…but my diet wasn’t! in just a matter of weeks, i quickly gained 5 pounds back

so, i had to get serious about counting calories again, and even returned to running.

another benefit to my new job is that there is a full sized indoor track, and it only took me 30 days of working there to finally take advantage of it

wpid-img_20150223_155034.jpgi’ve tested out a lot of new delicious low calorie meals, such as israeli cous cous tabouleh

wpid-img_20150223_193641.jpgand one pan vegan tex mex quinoa

wpid-img_20150302_180959.jpgand some not so delicious, and probably not so low calorie andouille sausage jumbo

wpid-img_20150228_171911.jpgit wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t very flavorful and had a very thick texture. you know how you can buy swanson broth in cartons? well our grocery store had a Louisiana cajun flavor with this recipe on the back, so we tried it out

you know you are turning into a foodie when you are excited to go to fresh thyme, which is where we are headed later today. they have the best produce there, and such reasonable prices as well! i already have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu made out for next week, so no excuses, and no school lunches lol

but now for the moment i’ve been waiting for!

after losing about 18 or 19 pounds, i hit a plateau…granted i had stopped running on a regular basis, and stopped counting calories as well

but after lots of dedication and hard work, i’m ecstatic to announce that i finally “broke the barrier” and have lost 22 pounds! now i only have 8 pounds left to meet my initial goal. can you believe it?!

did you know that a car tire weighs 20 pounds? i’ve literally been caring around the weight of a tire on my body. how’s that for extra weight holding you down?! other things that weigh 20 pounds include a kitchen aid mixer, 2 gallons of water, and 80 sticks of butter. YUCK!

remember this picture?

fatfati made it, i made it, i really made it!!

8 more pounds to go, and then i want to start shopping for wedding dresses

the gym teacher at work stays every day to help people work out, so i need to swallow my pride, stop being shy, and join the others sometime soon

perhaps i will have a bikini body by summer after all!



a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process

sorry for mine!

just been having so much fun, i can’t believe it’s been almost a month since i blogged last!

three weekends ago we went to cleveland to visit brian’s best friend brandon, his wife ashley, and their son madden. madden is 8 months old and we hadn’t met him yet, so it was well overdue! if you recall, the last time we went to cleveland, brian’s car broke down, and we had to take a greyhound bus back to indy. it was certainly an adventure! luckily this time, there were no troubles (car or otherwise), just good times! unfortunately, these are the only two pictures i managed to take while we were there

wpid-img_20150207_205338.jpg wpid-img_20150216_070520.jpgon friday, ashley made us some delicious chili, and we played heads up which is a really fun (free!) game/app…kind of like taboo, where you give your partner hints and try to get them to guess the word. it was girls against boys, and i’m pretty sure we blew them out of the water. they were beating us on the movies category, but we rocked the 90’s category, lol.

on saturday, our other friend JJ drove in from mansfield to hang out with us, too. the boys played a lot of video games, while ashley and i watched a bunch of junk tv…that’s the best kind! then they took us to a brewery called fatheads, where i had the most delicious “bumbleberry honey blueberry ale,” complete with fresh blueberries, and the most delicious imperial ipa called “hop juju,” and the most delicious brisket sandwich that i think had a fried egg on it, although i can’t quite remember.

for brunch on sunday, we met up with brandon and ashley’s friends mike and ashley, and their son, bentley, who is just a month or so younger than madden. i had some delish eggs benedict. (it’s a miracle i didn’t gain any weight on this trip, bc i feel like all we did was eat!)

then last weekend, while brian was away at video game weekend, i had ashlee over for sewing weekend (which i still need to post about!) it was a lot of fun, and we got a lot accomplished, so that was good. even though we were apart, brian still posted this on facebook and made my day. he hates pda, and is a very private, not so mushy person, so this declaration of love certainly surprised me, but hey, i’ll take it!

wpid-screenshot_2015-02-19-15-46-54.pngplease excuse the other things, i was too lazy to crop, haha

this is the weekend i had been waiting for, because it was out belated valentine’s day celebration, and i was spoiled!

i’ve returned to counting calories these past few weeks (more about that in a few) so a “cheat day” (or two) were well deserved. on friday, i got an oil change, ran some errands with my brother sam, and then met up with brian at abuelo’s. they have THE BEST chile rellenos and enchiladas.

after that, brian and i researched some possible venues in vegas for the ceremony and/or reception. stressful as always, so i won’t dwell to much on that.

then yesterday, we went shopping. i got a few shirts, got the courage to go into mac and ask them to teach me how to fill in my eyebrows, yet still look natural, so had to pick up a few things there. i had never been there before, and wasn’t really expecting those prices, but good to know for next time…yikes! and then we also splurged at teavana of all places lol.

wpid-img_20150221_164847.jpgfinally, we ate at my favorite restaurant of all time…and i think you know what it is…BENIHANA’S!! we even had a celebrity sighting…robert mathis, defensive end for the indianapolis colts, was sitting at the table right next to us!

wpid-wp-1424649419617.jpegstar struck!

today we went to goodwill to get rid of a crap ton of stuff i have been gathering for quite some time now…a large tv stand, two boxes of pots, pans, and glasses, and about 4 or so trashbags of clothes. felt so good! we even had some guy who uses scrap metal come haul away our old broken dryer, which freed up a lot of room in the garage as well. decluttering is always a positive experience, perhaps i am just so anxious for spring to arrive that i started the cleaning early?!

and finally, back to the counting calories thing…i wanted to share some of the recipes that we’ve tried lately that were pretty good if you wanted to test them out yourself…

cheese spaghetti squash (although when i ate my leftovers at school the next day, one of my boys asked if i was eating worms, lol) one serving has 175 calories, compared to the usual 700 a “real” pasta dish would have

for dinner tonight, we had this meatless curry dish, with:  tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, chick peas, and cauliflower…all on top of sticky coconut rice. so good!

and for breakfast this week, i used this baked oatmeal base recipe, and added bananas, mini chocolate chips, and almonds as toppings. it made two trays worth, so i may have to freeze some for future use. i tested one fresh out of the oven and they were so yummy!

wpid-wp-1424649425323.jpegthis winter has been hard for my weight loss journey. i had finally gotten into a groove with running, and then had to stop. i thought teaching swim lessons two nights a week (for 3 hours each night) would step up my metabolism, but i don’t really think it has. one perk of my job, is that there is free lunch every day, but i think that has been more harmful than helpful for me.

i had done so well, and lost 19 pounds, 19! but then gained almost 5 of them back. i’m happy to report that i’m back on track, and have lost 4 of those pounds again. now i am still 12 pounds from my goal. #thestruggleisreal

i really hate having to make a conscious effort with every meal, and every thing i put into my mouth…don’t we all?! of course i would love nothing more than to eat whatever i want, whenever i want…but there’s something to be said about literally watching the pounds shed off your body. i had to force myself to donate all of my “fat” clothes, so i wouldn’t have them for back up and get complacent again.

every day is a clean slate

i plan to try two new recipes this week, so stay tuned…


i love gamma phi omega…

…it is the best sorority!

this weekend, our alumni chapter put together a pot luck dinner, and i’m so glad i attended! it was so fun to EAT and reconnect with sisters…as i’m guilty of being one of the long lost ones.

here is a picture of my lovely line sister, raquel and i

wpid-wp-1422235504267.jpegshe is gorgeous! it was just like old times, sharing secrets and laughing the night away. she and i have been through SO much together, and i’m so blessed to have her in my life

this is cat, the hostess with the mostest. i have so many sisters nearby, i really need to take advantage of being in the same city and hang out more often!

wpid-wp-1422235520543.jpegthis is my sister, chole. she is also a teacher, and has had an amazing weight loss journey lately, so we have been in touch a lot as i she inspires me and i ask for advice. i’m so sad that right as we’ve formed a closer connection her family will be moving to texas soon :(

wpid-screenshot_2015-01-25-01-05-082.jpg.jpegand here we all are struggling to take a selfie together, lol. goofballs!

wpid-wp-1422235901873.jpegamazingly earlier in the evening we were able to capture this awesome panoramic photo of all the sisters who attended.

wpid-wp-1422235954315.jpegsuch gorgeous ladies, inside and out!

after dinner we were supposed to all go out dancing, but a few of us got distracted and ending up just staying at the house and playing cards against humanity

wpid-wp-1422235897328.jpeghopefully i will be spending more time with my sisters sooner, rather than later!

in other news last week, i went to my mom’s personal trainer with her on monday, and even though he “went easy on me,” he kicked my butt! i was literally sore for the rest of the week. so apparently i’m out of shape huh?! afterwards i ran a few errands with my mom, we met up with my dad for lunch, and then we watching a few talk shows together. it was such a fun (yet exhausting) mommy daughter date

wpid-img_20150119_170651.jpgi also met up with some friends midweek for happy hour. this coconut pineapple mojito was to die for

wpid-wp-1422235447372.jpegon friday, brian and i had date night at abuelo’s. we then went to starbucks were i taught him about carmel macchiatos. and the barista introduced me to carmel brulee steamers. um, yum! too bad it’s a seasonal flavor and won’t be available for much longer :(

wpid-wp-1422235606809.jpegthen we came home and watched legends of the fall. i hadn’t seen it since i was little, and obviously didn’t understand what was going on, lol. and brian had never seen it.

and we ended the weekend with another movie, lucy. i LOVED it! i’m not usually into sci-fi but i really liked this one.

wpid-img_20150125_184442.jpgi had an AMAZING first week at my new job. it’s so wonderful not dreading going to work in the morning. the kids and other teachers are awesome. the letter of the week was P and we got to wear pajamas on thursday and friday…how fun is that?!

on friday i got paid from my old job, my new job, and my part time job, so to reward myself for putting in so many hours, i got a manicure lol. i usually only care if my toes look good, and have mastered giving myself pedicures…but it’s a special treat to get a mani every once in a while. i got a natural color gel and she promised me it will last 3 or 4 weeks yay!

wpid-wp-1422235470553.jpeglots of fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks ahead as well…stay tuned


it’s ok to be a glowstick…

glowsticki love social media, i really do. especially sites such as pinterest and instagram, where i get a lot of my crafting and cooking ideas. however, since pinning this quote just two days ago, it has been repinned almost 275 times, and “liked” almost 50 times! and did you know that i get both push and email notifications every time that happens?! needless to say, it’s been a little more than annoying, lol…but i still really like the quote.

when i first saw it, it reminded me of my one little word i picked for this year…light. and it also really speaks to where i am in my life right now. i was at a job where i was very unhappy, and every day just brought me into a deeper, darker place. i start my new job on tuesday, and couldn’t be more excited! i know that like all things in life, no job will be perfect, but i really feel that i am moving onward and upward, and can’t wait to start the journey.

i had yet another relaxing weekend, and i’ve got to say, a girl could get used to this! on friday night, as promised, brian took us to ale emporium to celebrate my new job. (i’m still waiting for him to cash in his celebration at hooter’s for his promotion, but i’m definitely not going to do any extra reminding, lol) when we got home, i changed into my new adorable and comfy pajama pants, and brian and i watched “boyhood,” while i cut loose threads on a quilt. he enjoyed the movie a lot, but i didn’t really think it had much of a point.

wpid-wp-1421618081079.jpega few years ago for valentine’s day, brian got a puzzle made from a picture of us, and we finally started working on that, while listening to i heart radio (blues travelers station). it’s times like these that remind me how lucky we really are, when our biggest worry in life is finding the last edge piece ;)

saturday, i tried another new recipe, and it was a huge hit. probably horrible for us, but very tasty! sausage and cheese bread

i was pretty much a sewing machine on saturday, but i did manage to leave the house for a bit to return a redbox and do a little retail therapy. i put together these super cute succulents…one for me, and one for baby sis when she comes home to visit in a few weekends

wpid-wp-1421618066248.jpegtoday, cheryl had me over for brunch, where i got to see her new pressure cooker in action…and now i think i must have one too, lol. we had fried eggs over cheesy mushroom and bacon risotto. yes please! i brought fresh fruit and dip. she also made me a special cappuccino. she has a million fun kitchen gadgets. after that we watched “maze runner,” and more ID tv than i care to admit lol. i started to read maze runner once, but couldn’t really get into it. and even after watching the movie today i had to read an explanation of the plot because some parts weren’t all that clear to me. as usual, we had a very care free and fun time together, and even discussed opening a restaurant lol. keep in mind we also once decided to write a book of short stories based on our lives, and only wrote about two lol

wpid-wp-1421618057570.jpegnow brian and i are getting ready to watch the colts game, and ufc fights. should be an entertaining evening, to say the least.

tomorrow i get to catch up with my sorority sister, raquel, who i haven’t seen in FOREVER! and her two sons.

and while i’m on the subject of awesome friends, i must give a shout out to ashlee…i mentioned how i wanted a slouchie beanie, and she gave me this one…bonus, it’s my favorite color! FTW! thanks babe, i felt like a million dollars in it! :)

wpid-wp-1421618090743.jpegi’ve really enjoyed these last few low key days…they have been a great way to regroup and get ready to ease into my new job next week!

stay tuned